KONAS Schedule Management (Appointments)


From Konas Version 6.6 the Schedule Management (appointment) can be implemented in Konas. An own developed ABAP Report ensure that all schedule SAP data will send to Konas every X minutes. This ABAP Report send all data from NTMN, NPAP and NAPP tables to same Konas tables existing in Konas SQL Server.. There is a further confururation of which data should send to Konas. You can choose X days before today and Y days after today. In this case when Konas is in use you see all relevant appointment data in outpatient list.
Depend on the frot-Icon, you can see visits and appointments in one list. By click on an appointment Icon, Konas shows the Maintain Appointment form. Now you can edit further data and start to make a visit admission. Once the new visit is saved, Konas change the Icon from appointment to visit. At the end all visits will be send to SAP including the Appointment-ID.