How to Implement KONAS

The KONAS implementation ensued in four phases:

  • Customizing and installation of the SQL-Servers and the database
  • Customizing of the HCM interface
  • Installation and customizing of the KONAS client
  • System –and integration-test

In case of the customize the database all patient core data are completely assumed in a job  out of the NPAT SAP schedule. All further case –and translation data then are transferred gradually assumed to the new data base after the establishment of the HCM  interface.
The customizing of the HCM interface applies both to the receipt files from the SAP or from the existing communication server and send all these messages to the subsystems respectively to the communication server. The customized HCM segments are also considered.
The installation and customizing concerns 1:1 of the NV 2000 variants and the assumption for all KONAS relevant SAP customizing tables like e.g. NGPA, NORG etc.
Finally Konas is tested and the assumption of the test data in a SAP testing system is verified.
Lastly a concluding integration test takes place.

How to Implent SAP Shadow System

Die Shadow System implementation ensued in 3 phases:

  • Installation (transportation task) and customizing of all necessary switching steps
  • Installing a SAP shadowsystem (A copy of a the whole SAP system)
  • System -and integration-test