About us

The Koelliker GmbH was found as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the swizz company, the Koelliker AG in Wallisellen near Zurich.  Since 1995 the special smart cards, for the in Switzerland  developed form printers MCP 4000 and MCP 5000, were distributed.
In 1997 all of the sales-related activities and the software development for the healthcare sector was assumed by the Koelliker GmbH. From then on the whole German-speaking market has been supported from our headquarter in Germany. The Koelliker GmbH primarily engages itself with downtime solutions in the SAP environment.  Our shutdown solutions are market-leading for the SAP IS-H healthcare module, when it comes to bypass downtimes of the SAP system professionally.
Koelliker GmbH, D-86911 Diessen am Ammersee / Germany, Prinz-Ludwig-Str. 23 Phone: +49 8807-946320

CEO Alexander Warchaftig Master of Business Administration

CEO Marcel Warchaftig Bachelor of Honours Business Management

SAP, IS-H is a SAP AG registered trademark . I.S.H. Med is a Siemens AG registered trademark

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